Media Coverage

Media Coverage of The Hunger Strike of Masood Masjoody for Justice

Unlimited Hunger Strike for Justice

Announcing an unlimited dry hunger strike for justice as of Feb 21, 2023 at Vancouver Law Courts

Letter to University of Tours

Letter to U of Tours for their intervention in the legal proceedings concerning a former UT’s student, Amélie Trotignon and her being used in SFU’s dealings with Islamic terrorists

Letter to President Macron

Open letter to Emmanuel Macron regarding three French hostages taken by the Islamic Regime and its Canadian enablers

desislamization by the way of prevention

Once one of our public institutions is dominated by Islamism, bringing it back to its normal functionality becomes out of reach through conventional methods of reforms from within. External reforms will also prove inefficient if an institution is corrupted by Islamism that is not governed by any higher institution- the justice system, which is theContinue reading “desislamization by the way of prevention”