Chief Supporters and Enablers of Radical Islamic Terrorists at SFU

Andrew Petter (President, SFU, 2010-2020), Joy Johnson (President, SFU, 2020-), Paul Kench (Dean of Science, SFU)

Andrew Petter

Petter’s administration accommodated Shahrokh Jam in the guise of having him as a visiting professor, provided him with scientific and technical support, and indefinitely protected his identity since his arrival at SFU. Through their support for Jam, the SFU administration helped the Islamic Republic toward its terrorism-related goals targeting international security and civilians around the globe.

Throughout Petter‘s tenure, agents of the Mullahs regime received special and extraordinary support from SFU in advancing the regime’s agenda on Canadian soil. Such agents have been tied with:

  • the regime’s leader, Seyyed Ali Khamenei, his office, and family;
  • regime’s high profile officials such as Ebrahim Raisi (the Islamic president), who have been directly involved in crimes against humanity (such as 1988 Massacre, among many others, in Raisi’s case);
  • terrorist organizations such as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its Quds force which are sanctioned under the Anti-terrorism Act of Canada and Special Economic Measures against the regime in Iran;
  • the Basij militia (a domestic terrorist organization in Iran);
  • the IRIB (the regime’s propaganda machine, the Iranian version of CBC); and
  • other institutions and individuals sanctioned for their involvement in the regime’s programs for developing nuclear weapons and their means of delivery (particularly ballistic missiles).

During Petter‘s term, the regime’s agents were allowed to abuse SFU’s public resources in favour of radical Islamic terrorism. The regime’s agents were even allowed to use the SFU official website ( for the official campaign of a candidate, called Seyyed Ebrahim Hosseini, in the parliamentary elections who was supported by the IRGC and Khamenei‘s office and turned out to be a close ally of Ebrahim Raisi.

A student club founded and led by the regime’s agent and purporting to represent Shiite Muslims began to promote the regime’s talking points, particularly anti-Semitism, among the SFU community.

Petter was the exclusive recipient of a report about his administration’s support for the agents of the Islamic Republic and the subsequent endangerment of the national security of Canada.

The plaintiff prepared and sent the report to Petter in April 2019.

Petter‘s administration decided to withhold from RCMP, CSIS and even the Campus Security the report and relating documents about harmful on-campus activities of agents of a state supporter of terrorism; and instead conspired to sexually harass and defame the author of the report.

The SFU administration then decided to keep the report from the RCMP, CSIS, and even the Campus Security. Instead, and in retaliation, SFU immediately launched a widespread conspiracy campaign against the Plaintiff. The conspiracy involved the Dean of Science, Human Resources, and the Math Department faculty and management.

Petter’s administration tasked Paul Kench to lead and oversee the execution of the conspiracy against the Plaintiff.

As soon as SFU was sued, Petter‘s administration hired an external lawyer who in his first step- taken less than a day after his appointment- intimidated and silenced A. Tr. so he could buy time to cover up for SFU in the courts. Having silenced A.Tr., the lawyer then went on to corrupt the justice system (starting from the registry but then deep into the courtrooms) and use his corrupt links with the top courts in British Columbia to obstruct justice entirely. As a result, the integrity of the Canadian justice system was compromised to protect the enablers and supporters within Petter‘s administration of the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic.

Paul Kench

SFU’s conspiracy was mainly implemented through the staff members of the Dean of Science, such as Susanne Stockdill, among others, and their links in the Math Department and SFU Human Resources.

Paul Kench led and directed all actions in the conspiracy campaign, including invasion of the Plaintiff’s personal life, sexual harassment, and distributing defamatory statements against the Plaintiff.

SFU has been in denial mode regarding ALL elememts of this campaign since it began in April 2019.

Paul Kench led a parallel campaign of cover-up, hiding relating documents, and manipulating communications that would otherwise reveal the details of persons involved in defaming and sexually harassing the Plaintiff.

،The Plaintiff has nevertheless obtained explicit records evident of that parallel cover-up campaign led by Paul Kench with the close collaboration of SFU Human Resources, notably a staff member called Jennifer Harrington (now working at KPU).

Paul Kench has had a prominent role in enforcing the ideology of Diversity, Inclusivity & Equity (DIE)- Kench shields behind that deadly anti-civilization ideology when he engages in overt actions against academic integrity and national and international security, such as his and SFU’s support for a state supporter of terrorism.

For convenience, we occasionally refer to any number of persons having D.I.E. roles/involvment at SFU simply as SFU DIE, regardless of their involvment, or lack thereof, in conspiracy and cover-up campaigns led by SFU/Kench. Depending on the context, SFU DIE may be a reference to only one or some of the persons having D.I.E. roles/involevment at SFU.

Joy Johnson

Detailed information is to be posted about the different roles of Joy Johnson, the successor of Petter as the SFU president, in the continuation of the SFU’s conspiracy, and cover-up through corrupting the justice system.