Islamist Terrorists within SFU

Military and Political Agents of the Islamic Republic Regime Supported by the SFU Administration:
Legal Documents

TRUTH v. SFU; Amélie Trotignon.


Following the disclosure (in April 2019) of SFU’s political, scientific, and technical support for the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran (including its ballistic missile program), SFU commenced a conspiracy campaign against the Plaintiff, by the way of sexual harassment and defamation, which campaign extended well into Fall 2019. SFU did not respond to the relevant Freedom of Information requests and eventually, the Plaintiff commenced legal action against SFU in May 2020 (amended in June 2021). SFU has continued to cover up for their serious wrongdoings and attempted to corrupt other institutions, including the justice system. This post contains some excerpts from pleadings containing information about the agents of the Mullahs’ regime, and some evidentiary documents.

See here for a general description in Persian of these agents and their ties with the oppressive institutions in Iran.

Letter to Chief Justice: Judges’ Political Puppetry, Bias, and Lying

SFU Chief Supporters and Enablers of Radical Islamic Terrorists : Andrew Petter, Paul Kench, Joy Johnson

Bias, Collusion, and Cover-up among courts and lawyers serving SFU

Iran Space Research Center (ISRC) is in charge of carrying out the day-to-day work approved by the Supreme Space Council.  It serves as Iran Space Agency’s (ISA) primary partner for research and development activities and its research centers account for the majority of ISA’s labor, property holdings, and technical workforce.  ISRC, along with ISA, has worked with the UN-designated liquid propellant ballistic missile organization Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) on several projects.

The US Department of State

The Description provided in the Plaintiff’s Notice of Claim filed with the Supreme Court of British Columbia, June 2021

The report to the SFU President concerning agents of the regime in Iran at SFU

“On April 11, 2019, more than 1.5 years into my friendship with Trotignon, I reported to the SFU President the presence at SFU of certain agents of the regime in Iran- a regime which has been designated by Canada as a state supporter of terrorism since 2012- and described their activities, and the supports they received from within the SFU administration. I described the situation as a national security threat. As for one of the agents I reported, called Seyyed Aliasghar Hosseini, I described the extraordinary support he received from SFU and the Mathematics Department. I reported that that person had publicized through his SFU webpage alarming contents disclosing the ties he and his father, called Seyyed Ebrahim Hosseini, have with a terrorist organization called the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (“IRGC”) and the office of Iran’s dictator, Seyyed Ali Khamenei (“Khamenei”).


Ayatollah Execuation and S.E. Hosseini
S.E. Hosseini supported by Raisi Campaign
Seyyed Ebrahim Hosseini, a founder of Raisi’s official campaign, “Alliance of Islamic Revolutionary Forces


“Another individual who I named in my report was a visiting scholar from Iran called Shahrokh Jam (“Jam”), who is closely involved in the regime in Iran’s ballistic missile program. Jam works for Iranian Space Research Center (“ISRC”), the brutal police force of Iran, and has also been a faculty dean and the president of the Shiraz University of Technology in Iran. I reported to SFU that In his academic leadership roles, Jam persecuted and suspended many student political activists. Some of Jam’s roles and activities within the regime in Iran are as follows:

  • Participated in the 444-day Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding 52 American diplomats hostage, following the seizure of the US Embassy on Nov 4, 1979
  • Participated in the Cultural Revolution in 1980, leading to the shutting down of all universities and colleges in Iran for a period of at least two years and firing, imprisonment, torture, and killings of thousands of Iranian university students, professors, and staff members, because of their cultural, political, and ideological differences with the Islamic revolutionary ruling-forces of the country
  • Joined the Defence Industries Organization, after the Cultural Revolution, and has continued to work with that entity
  • Served as the president of the Shiraz University of Technology (two terms), which is the major research partner of the Defence Industries Organization
  • Researcher at Iranian Space Research Center, whereby involved in the ballistic missile program of the regime in Iran, feeding the Quds Force of the IRGC (designated as a terrorist organization by Canada) and several other Islamist terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, including Hamas and Hezbollah
  • Collaborating with the Disciplinary Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran (“DFIRI”), which is the police force of the regime, and being an editorial board member of the Journal of Information and Communication Technology in Policing (JICTP) owned and operated by DFIRI
Shahrokh Jam
Shahrokh Jam, an expert in the ballistic missile program of the Islamic Republic


Seyyed Ebrahim Hosseini is a major supporter of Seyed Ebrahim Raisi (“Raisi”) in the province of Fars in Iran. In 2021, he was nominated by Raisi’s campaign, called the Alliance of Islamic Revolutionary Forces, to run for the Islamic City Council of Shiraz, the capital of Fars. As of August 2021, he will be a member of the Islamic City Council of Shiraz.


Raisi is the incoming Islamic President of the regime in Iran. In 1988, Raisi was one of the four judges appointed by Ruhollah Khomeini, the then-dictator of Iran, to be on a special judiciary board, known as the “Death Committee”, directly responsible for the mass executions of thousands of political prisoners in Iran in the summer of 1988 (1988 Massacre)- the victims of 1988 Massacre were buried in unmarked mass graves whose locations have never been disclosed to the victims’ loved ones. In 2013, the Canadian Parliament passed a motion to recognize the 1988 massacre of thousands of political prisoners in Iran as a crime against humanity, and to recognize September 1 as a national day of solidarity with political prisoners in Iran. Raisi is complicit, as a member of the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the deliberate shooting down of Flight PS752 on Jan 8, 2020, and killings of all 167 passengers (55 Canadian citizens, 30 permanent residents, and 53 others on their way to Canada) and 9 crew. Raisi is also responsible, as the Head of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for blocking the investigation into the intentional shooting down of Flight PS752, and for the repeated and systematic persecution of the families of the victims of Flight PS752. The Superior Court of Ontario has ruled that the shooting down of Flight PS752 was an intentional act of terrorism by the Islamic Republic of Iran.


“As included in my report to the President of SFU, Seyyed Ebrahim Hosseini also ran for parliamentary elections in Iran and was supported by a coalition led by high profile elements of the office of Khamenei (the Supreme Leader’s Office) and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (“IRGC”). SFU let his official campaign website be loaded on, and run from, the SFU’s official domain on the Internet- by Seyyed Aliasghar Hosseini.


S.E. Hosseini Supported by SFU
Official Campaign webpage of Seyyed Ebrahim Hosseini provided by SFU


I gathered evidence about the aforementioned agents of the regime in Iran at SFU through different sources and individuals, including from the SFU webpage and official regime’s webpages in Iran, and, having known about SFU’s inaction, delivered them to the relevant institutions in Canada, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“RCMP”) and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (“CSIS”).


The SFU administration did not take any action to rectify the situation I reported to them in April 2019. SFU did not report the matter to other authorities, such as  RCMP or CSIS, or even to the SFU Campus Security. Despite my repeated attempts to follow up on the matter, SFU never reached out to me about my report. Instead, in response to my report, the SFU administration started […] defamation and conspiracy campaigns [against me]. SFU deliberately mischaracterized, lied, and covered up all these misconducts.

Jam and Iran Space Research Center
Jam at Iran Space Research Center
Iran Space Research Center Sanctioned by the US
Iran Space Research Center Sanctioned by the US:

The US Department of State designated Iran Space Research Center (ISRC) under Executive Order (E.O.) 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and WMD delivery systems and their supporters.

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