Proscribing IRGC in the UK

International Campaign In Support of Vahid Beheshti’s Hunger Strike

کارزار جهانی برای قرارگیری سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی در سیاهه تروریستی انگلستان؛ پشتیبانی از اعتصاب غذا و تحصن وحید بهشتی در لندن

فراخوان برای کارزار نامه‌نگاری به دولت و نمایندگان دولت انگلستان

توضیح پارسی را از اینجا بخوانید

To support the cause of proscribing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity by the UK government, we call on the Iranian communities around the globe and other supporters of #IranRevolution against the Mullahs regime to echo the voice of Vahid Beheshti by writing to the UK government and its representatives.

Feel free to use/adjust the following letter templates, kindly provided by Vahid’s wife Mattie Heaven, or use your own words.

If you are using these templates, please change the recipient’s name/position according to your country of residence, adjust the date of the letter, and add the signatory/ies.

For your convenience, each template is provided in MS Word (with a download link) and plain text format.

  • Template 1: Suggested Form of Letter to the British High Commissioner (to Canada)
  • Template 2: Suggested Form of Letter to Foreign Secretary of the UK

Suggested form of the letter to the British High Commissioner (to Canada)

MS Word

Plain text:

Susannah Goshko CMG

British High Commission, Ottowa

Dear High Commissioner,                                                                         23.04.2023

Women, Life, Freedom, and the Iranian revolution led by the brave and remarkable women of Iran and fully supported by an entire nation has galvanised the international community.

The world has witnessed the brutality of the regime’s crackdown on protestors which has led to over 700 unarmed civilian deaths and the arrest of over 30,000 protestors. Many in custody face torture, sexual assault, and rape. Sham trials have led to the execution of at least four young protestors.

The Iranian diaspora has stood in solidarity with the Iranian people and indeed, many Canadians have stood with the freedom movement in Iran.

As a Canadian citizen, I have now been educated and enlightened about the brutality and inhumanity as well as the terrorist activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The IRGC and its para-military forces are responsible for the deaths of unarmed civilians as well as countless terrorist activities in the Near East and beyond. One notable activity is the supply of suicide drones and ballistic missiles to Moscow which has resulted in the deaths of so many Ukrainian civilians.

Canada is a commonwealth family and my head of state is his majesty, King Charles III. I am very concerned that the UK government has to date ignored calls to proscribe the IRGC.

The House of Commons voted unanimously to proscribe the IRGC. Over 120 MPs have now written to the UK Prime Minister asking for proscription.

Mr. Vahid Beheshti, a British citizen, is nearing a 60-day hunger strike outside the Foreign Office in London, such is the determination and passion of UK citizens to proscribe the IRGC.

MI5 has warned of over 20 plots against Iranian dissidents in the UK. A media company was forced to relocate from London due to direct threats. Many British citizens are now living in fear as they have been directly or indirectly threatened by members of the IRGC.

To protect the shores of Great Britain, ensure the safety of the UK and commonwealth, as well as to protect free speech, journalism, and human rights, I ask for the UK government to proscribe the IRGC.

It is now time that Great Britain stands on the right side of history and leads the international community once again on the right path.

Kind regards,

Suggested form of letter to the Foreign Secretary of the UK

MS Word

Plain text:

Rt Hon James Cleverly

King Charles Street

London SW1A 2AH                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                         23 April 2023

Open letter to the Foreign Secretary

Mr. Vahid Beheshti, a British citizen, is on a hunger strike outside the Foreign Office asking for the U.K government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terror organisation under the terrorism act 2000.

The 13th of April marked the 50th day of his hunger strike. Mr. Beheshti, like many of his friends, family, and indeed the Iranian diaspora and British citizens are calling for the IRGC to be proscribed as they are directly responsible for the spread of terror and fear, as well as the unlawful murder of many thousands of civilians in Iran and beyond.

The activities of the IRGC have also reached the shores of Britain. MI5 warned of at least 20 plots against Iranian activists since 2022 and more recently, the voice of free speech and journalism was silenced when Iran International media group was forced to relocate from London as a direct threat to life from the IRGC. Many within the Iranian diaspora live with fear and anxiety as a consequence of threats by the IRGC. This is a breach of their human rights as they should be able to air their feelings against the theocratic dictatorship in Tehran without fear.

There exists overwhelming documented evidence justifying the proscription of the IRGC as a terrorist organisation and sending the Islamic Republic a firm notice of intention that the barbaric actions and breaches of international law and human rights will no longer be tolerated. This move will also safeguard British shores as the IRGC is intimidating, threatening, and endangering the lives of many British citizens with impunity.

The actions of the IRGC in Iran and beyond are inhumane, criminal, and unlawful. The spread of terrorism must be stopped and the UK must once again lead the international world by holding to account the criminality of the IRGC. Individual sanctions have had little to no effect. A proscription will be a logistical and psychological setback for the IRGC and Tehran.

The United States has already proscribed the IRGC as a terrorist entity. Despite this, an attempt was made on the life of British-American author, Salman Rushdie.

Without the proscription curtailing the activities of the IRGC, the result may have been very different.

The Iranian diaspora and many British citizens are looking to the UK government to stand on the right side of history and proscribe the IRGC and protect their human rights, safety, and well-being in the U.K.

It is only right and appropriate for the Foreign Secretary as well as the Prime Minister to meet with Mr. Beheshti, a man who is risking his well-being for the advocation of Human Rights and for the protection of free speech, free journalism and the protection of Great Britain.

کارزار جهانی برای تعیین سپاه پاسداران به عنوان سازمانی تروریستی در کشورهای جهان آزاد، به ویژه در انگلستان، اتحادیه اروپا، و کانادا به روزهای سرنوشت سازی رسیده است. در لندن، اعتصاب غذا و تحصن وحید بهشتی روبه‌روی وزارت امور خارجی از روز بیست و سوم فوریه سال 2023 در جریان بوده است و با افزایش بازتاب رسانه‌ای و پشتیبانی بسیاری از اعضای پارلمان انگلستان، دولت انگلستان و شخص نخست وزیر را در تنگنای بی‌سابقه‌ای گذاشته است. در این میان، راهپیمایی روز بیست و نهم آوریل در لندن و کارزار نامه‌نگاری به وزیر امور خارجی در دولت و نمایندگان دولت انگلستان ، می‌تواند به مقاومت ریشی سونک در برابر لیست کردن سپاه پایان دهد و نیز کارزار مشابه در دیگر نقاط جهان را به پیروزی نزدیک‌تر کند. الگوهای پیشنهادی برای نامه‌نگاری‌ها از سوی همسر وحید، بانو متی هون فراهم آمده اند و در دو فرم در دسترس قرار می‌گیرند. بدیهی‌ست هم‌میهنان پشتیبان، می‌توانند متن نامه را به دلخواه خود تغییر دهند یا نامه‌های دیگری به سبک دلخواه خود بنویسند و به دریافت‌کنندگان بفرستند. الگوهای پیسنهادی را در اینجا خواهید یافت