Letters and Documents




Letter of March 20, 2023, to a division of the BC Court of Appeal

E-mail of 15 March 2023 to BC Court of Appeal

Letters to MPs, 14&15 March 2023

Letter of March 13, 2023, to the Chief Justice of BC: Interference of the Mullahs regime in the Court

Written Argument: Fresh Appeal concerning the bias of a regime-supporting judge

Announcing Hunger Strike to BC Court of Appeal

Letter of 16 Feb 2023

Letter of 25 Jan 2023

Letter of 22 Dec 2022

Letter of 11 Oct 2022

Letter of 13 May 2022


CJC Complaint, RE: Judicial misconduct of Shelley Colleen Fitzpatrick

Affidavit evidence, RE: Karim Aga Khan

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