Unlimited Hunger Strike for Justice

Statement of Masood Masjoody, 17 Feb 2023

Starting at 9 AM on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023, I will go on an unlimited dry hunger strike to protest heinous injustice made by the BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal during the last 3 years.

The location for this protest is the entrance to Vancouver Law Courts located on Hornby St at Nelson St. This protest will end only when the BC Court of Appeal respects the rule of law by accepting to hear and properly address my applications made to the court on Dec 22, 2022, where, among other things, I raised once more the conveniently ignored issue of the biased conduct of Judge Fitzpatrick by the BC Court of Appeal.

This hunger strike is also to raise awareness about the shockingly biased conduct of certain judges including, but not limited to, Shelley Colleen Fitzpatrick, Len Marchand, Gregory James Fitch, and Barbara Fisher, who, in the matter of Masjoody v. Simon Fraser University, turned BC courts of law into realms of tyranny where my fundamental legal rights were ignored and instead Islamist terrorists and their enablers were unjustly protected and covered up for.

The Chief Justice of British Columbia has been informed of this protest as of Feb 16, 2023, after on the same day the Division of the BC Court of Appeal declined to consider my applications of Dec 22, 2022, whereas even the sole matter of Fitzpatrick’s bias should have led to the success of the appeal, as mandated by the binding rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada.

I have requested an in-person meeting with Justice Bauman before Tuesday, Feb 21, to allow for finding a fair and reasonable remedy for the situation created by grave injustice and judicial activism favouring the terrorists over the rule of law.

My latest letter to Chief Justice Bauman is available below.

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