Len Marchand

A Member of the Liberal Band Covering Up for Islamic Terrorists’ Enablers and Protecting Liberals’ Agenda in the Guise of a Judicial Public Servant

Background: A Partisan judge and product of the Left’s Identity Politics

“Justice” Len Marchand Jr.- appointed by Justin Trudeau to BC Supreme Court (2017) and Court of Appeal (2021)- and his father, Len Marchand Sr., Former Liberal MP, Member of Federal Cabinet, and Senator appointed by Pierre Trudeau (a Justin Trudeau’s father)

“Justice” Marchand’s father, Len Marchand Sr. became a Liberal MP in 1968 and then the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Indian Affairs, in which position he is said to have helped persuade then-PM Pierre Trudeau to begin land settlement negotiations between the federal government and the First Nations. In 1976, Pierre Trudeau (a father of the current PM, Justin Trudeau) appointed Marchant to the Cabinet as Minister of State and promoted him to Minister of Environment in 1977. Pierre Trudeau appointed Marchand Sr. to the Senate in 1984.

Justin Trudeau appointed “Justice” Marchand to the Supreme Court of British Columbia on National Indigenous People’s Day, June 21, 2017.

On March 24, 2021, Trudeau’s Government appointed “Justice” Marchand to the Court of Appeal for British Columbia, which is the highest court of the province. This appointment was announced just before the start of the legacy and state media’s apparent outrage about the residential schools’ abuses, which outrage is now known to have been a political game timely planned by the Liberals for their party’s political gain and silencing their opponents. On the verge of the political show of Summer 2021, Trudeau’s government bragged about Marchand being the first-ever indigenous justice appointed to the BC Court of Appeal.

As Terry Glavin reports: “The coverage triggered protests, church arsons and condemnation from Canada’s bad-faith rivals, but last summer’s reporting on the country’s long-acknowledged historic shame had little to do with what happened.” In the midst of the protests and vandalism triggered by this coverage, Trudeau called a federal election to expand his party’s power grab.


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